Claim Procedure

  • Claim procedure

    Following are the procedure to be folowed to make a claim

    • Give us your information about losses by any meansof communication or fill out respective claim intimation form on our website.
    • Identify the other vechicle if involve in an accident by confirming its number
    • Lodge the FIR to nearest police office or dial 100 for police control room immediately
    • The insurer may appoint "SURVEYORS" loss obsessor for further processing
    • Provide necessary documents asked by the insurer/surveyors/authorized person
    • Surveyor then submit his report based on given ¬†information/document and after careful inspection.
    • After validating all the submitted documents, concern department prepares a note.
    • After approving the note by competent authority, a discharge voucher will be issued mentioning the approved amount.
    • The insurer then issued cheque to the insured as per approved amount after receiving duly filled discharge voucher.¬†