Citizens Charter

Available Services in the Company

Various types of Non-life Insurance.

Related Rules and Laws

Company Rule 2063, Insurance Law 2049, Other related rules and Directories of  Beema Samiti, Rules and Corresponding Letters.

Required papers to ready Insurance Policy

All types of policy               : Proposal Form
Motor Insurance                :  Blue book photocopy
Marine Insurance              : Letter of Credit
Contractor's All Risk         : Contractor's contract paper with proprietor works to detail
Travel Medical Insurance: Passport photocopy
Other Insurance                : Papers required by the company

Required time to prepare Insurance Policy

Maximum 2 hour after receiving proposal form and necessary papers.

  • Amount required for Insurance Policy and Renewal policy

Total amount (Premium, Stamp Duty and VAT) according to Insurance Policy or Tax Invoice.

  • Renewal notice

For 1 year policy company shall send renewal notice with required premium before one month of the policy expiry to the address provided in the proposal form.

  • Where to claim

         1st Customer care Executive at Toll Fee No.

         2nd Company's Claim Dept. at Head Office, Kathmandu or Company's any branch or also can be emailed at

         3rd Mr. Biran Gartaula, Claim Head

  • Time taken to pay claim

After the report of surveyor and all required papers, the claim will be paid withing three weeks.

  • Place of share works

All the works related with share will be done at Share Department, Head Office, Kathmandu.

  • Quarterly report publication

According to Instruction of Beema Samiti and Nepal Dhitopatra Board, the Company will publish the quarterly report on National Standard daily newspaper.